Sunday, February 3, 2013

An update on makeup, and Bishops

So yesterday, my friend Jenny and I went to Ulta.  I got some great stuff although the prestige makeup was not 20% off (in fine print), maybe after this shopping experience.

I loved everything I got which I had been following on the blogs and youtube tutorials.  So here's a rundown:

1. BB cream by Too Face in Snow Globe as I am so light - best BB cream ever.  BB cream or beauty balm is then new it cream they have been using in Asia especially Korea for time.  It has SPF, is a moisturizer and light coverage of not really foundation.
2. Anstasia brow kit in brunette - went on so smooth with an angled eyeliner brush.  For more intense brow, I wet the brush a bit and then dipped it in the product.
3. Tart mascara made of beeswax, great coverage and easy to remove ala natural over my eyelash extensions.
4.Benefit eye bright for opening up that tired look on the inner corners of the ye.
5. I have been using this already, but the Smashbox primer photo finish is amazing.  I get the green corrective one because of my red overtones and slight cheek rosacia.

Now for hair.  I have a love affair with Roxie at Bishops in Sellwood.  At Xmas I have a card for $75 for $100 in hair cuts.  That's almost my yearly cuts for 75 bucks.

They also use Goldwell color there and for the superbowl had a special get a color which I did a root touch up, get a free hair cut.  Total $55.   Then I also get a free $21 add on product when buying two Goldwell Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain color at $30.  The girls were raving at my rock star bangs Zoey Deschanel hair cut (bangs) and ombre brown red color.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hai - too long, makeup

Its been over a year since I posed to this crazy thing!  Lots of work when I thought I'd be unemployed.  I haven't really had a break, but when I do, I've been playing with makeup.

So, today I got a 20% of email to ULTA, and tonight a pregger friend and I are going.  I have been experimenting with products left and right so I wanted to give you some ideas as I have been trying to get a more natual looking makeup routine going.

SO here we go.

eyes - I have been lining them with "concrete eye" from mac with an eye liner brush on the bottom.  I line the inner water line and uper waterline with Urban Decay's 24/7 Oil Slick staying.  For eye shadow one coat of "blanc type" by Mac.  Bottom lashes  I am using Tarte's "Bottoms Up."

face - My concelear I apply with a small brush and its Camoflauge SC2 from Laura Mercier.  There are two colors so you can blend them, and I only put them on blemishes and broken capillaries.  I then used Laura Mercier foundation in Ivory Porcelain and put a small 2 pumps on my back wrist and use a sigma kabuki brush to apply an air brushed look.

I countour using Nars Laguna right under the cheek, where the line is when you pucker up and make a fish face.  I blend that in with a kabuki brush up to the side of my hairline and down below my neck.  I then apply a blush on the apples of my cheeks like Urban Decay's "Score"

Too highlight, I use Benefit's high beam, and dot under eyes, on Cupid's bow and chin and work in with a concealer bruch and pat with my ring finger.

Lipstick - every day - I use Sonia Kasuk's "Sunkissed"; for night and going out my red stape is Mac's Cockney or for a more pink fuschia I like Mac's "New York Apple."

For brow's I have been using a brow brush, wetting it and using a lorac brown powder, but I just ordered Mac's "Concrete" Shadow for this.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pet Sitting !

So a few months ago, I wrote about this awesome economical house cleaning service –Clear Solutions.  I know at least one friend is now using them and lurving her clean house!

Well, recently me and J went away to SoCal for vacation. This meant leaving three dogs and a cat.  A side service that Heidi provides when she can fit the schedule, is Pet Sitting.  Seriously, no matter the number of pets it was 20 bucks a day to have a young college gal sleep over or come twice a day or $10 once a day.   With  pets with special needs – raw food diets and meds- this was a deal. We came home to happy dogs barking and Sushi the cat snuggling.

Note this is a side service her main dealio is house cleaning, but she may be able to help you out with your kids.

Heidi Beckman

Clear Solutions

Stila Steal!

So this is a make-up blog update.  I just got this fabulous Stila pallete which is the size of a dinner plate with an awesome black eyeliner for 19.99 at Nordie Rack!  Grab it – colors rock!  There is blushes and bronzer around the edges too.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mobile Chinook Book $8.

This is the best local coupon book ever - eco smart, local smart.  The mobile version is $10 usually, but there is a special for $8 until 31 Dec.  Let's see some of my favorites - Imedla's 15% off,  Noble Rot, Clogs and More, 2:1 Portland Center Stage and Artists Reps, tons of free car washes, Dick's Kitchen, Junior's.  Ok I will stop now.  Check it out below.

2012 Mobile Coupon Pack Sale: Save $2
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Enter your credit card for the $8 sale price.
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Offer good through December 31, 2011.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Decemberville - shopping sale Sellwood Moreland Sat 3 Dec!

From my fav store Tilde.....but many shops in the hood like Fuschia too!

Shop local!

d on by tildeshop
It’s the annual winter holiday sale extravaganza for the neighborhood in which we dwell. And which we love so much.
This is Tilde’s main holiday sale: now is your chance to grab all your holiday presents at 20% OFF almost* EVERYTHING in our shop. The sale is from 4-8pm only this Saturday, December 3rd. *Not included are sale items already marked down 50%  (!) and our featured visual art show.
All our neighbors are in on the gig too: fuel up at Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters to speed down the street, stop in at Sock Dreams, Stars Antiques Malls, Fuchsia, Ste. Maine, Coco & Toulouse, Camp Hollyhock. . . and a bazillion more (our neighborhood is truly awesome) – everyone is offering a sale or special from 4-8pm this Saturday, December 3rd.
Tilde • 7919 SE 13th Ave • Portland, OR 97202
T: 503.234.9600 E:
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday PDX Style

Ok so here are some of my favorite cyber deals today.  Tried to pick the local ones I like.

40% off Grayling Jewelry - Similar

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glamorous statement necklaces. stackable bracelets. chandelier earrings. layering necklaces. lead and nickel free. high quality design. handcrafted in the USA. ...

40% off Babystar

·    - Similar

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Baby apparel, accessories, products for style and functionality made out of materials that are a combination of 100% cotton and formaldehyde-free fabrics.