Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mobile Chinook Book $8.

This is the best local coupon book ever - eco smart, local smart.  The mobile version is $10 usually, but there is a special for $8 until 31 Dec.  Let's see some of my favorites - Imedla's 15% off,  Noble Rot, Clogs and More, 2:1 Portland Center Stage and Artists Reps, tons of free car washes, Dick's Kitchen, Junior's.  Ok I will stop now.  Check it out below.

2012 Mobile Coupon Pack Sale: Save $2
Now Only $8 + Free Shipping
 Our Mobile Coupon Pack makes a great stocking stuffer and can help with your shopping. Over 400 mobile coupons offer great deals from the best green and local businesses in Portland.

A Great Gift!
  Order now at to receive by mail (free shipping).
Or, buy a pack for yourself directly through your Chinook Book app and get it instantly. They're on sale for $8 too. Our web server uses 256-bit SSL encryption to make it safe and easy. Here's how:
On your Chinook Book App, tap More and then Add Coupons.
Enter your credit card for the $8 sale price.
Watch the Magic Coupon Loader do its thing.
Offer good through December 31, 2011.

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